Leaders Lifestyle Family of Voluntary Insurance Products

Oklahoma Voluntary Worksite Benefits

Leaders Life is quickly becoming the carrier of choice for Employers and Associations and is expanding throughout the South and Midwest. We offer a competitive portfolio of voluntary insurance products including individual Term Life to age 100 plans (with and without Critical Illness Benefits), Individual Short-Term Disability Income, Basic and Voluntary Group Term Life & AD&D, and our newest plan, Voluntary Group Accident.

These plans are also available to the employee’s spouse, children and grandchildren, without the employee participating which is why Leaders Life is one of the top carriers in the market for Dependent Coverage!

Term Life Insurance to Age 100

Individual term life insurance that is simple to enroll yet strong enough to meet long-term life insurance needs. Coverage amounts range from $10,000 to $150,000 with guaranteed level premium to age 1001. Spouse and Child/Grandchild coverage options.

LIFETIME is a base plan with term life coverage to age 100.

LIFESTYLE with Critical Illness Benefit includes a built-in Critical Illness Benefit that can accelerate 30% of the life benefit upon diagnosis of one of five major health conditions (heart attack, stroke, life-threatening cancer, cardiac bypass, or transplant) or a terminal condition with a life expectancy of twenty-four (24) months or less.

LIFECARE with Chronic Condition Benefits3 pays the owner 60% of the coverage amount in either twelve (12) monthly installments or one lump sum as an accelerated benefit for insureds who have a chronic condition as certified by a Licensed Health Care Provider and are unable to perform at least two Activities of Daily Living (bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, transferring, continence) or require substantial supervision due to permanent severe cognitive impairment and similar forms of dementia.

Group Term Life

Group Term Life Insurance that provides competitive rates with small group access and multi-year rate guarantee. Available when offered in conjunction with Term to Age 100, Short-term Disability, or Group Accident. Requires proposal based on group demographics.

Employer Paid Basic Group Term Life

  • Guarantee issue
  • Minimum group size of 25
  • $10,000 to $25,0004 benefit amounts

Voluntary Group Term Life

  • Simplified Issue and Guarantee Issue
  • Minimum group size of 25
  • $10,000 to $300,000 benefit amounts

Group Accident

Accident Only Insurance provides 24-hour or Off-The-Job coverage with affordable premiums to provide security to employees when accidents occur.

  • Four Benefit Levels (Base, Advantage, Elite, Premier)
  • Employee, Employee/Spouse, Employee/Child, and Family coverage available
  • Additional Benefit Rider
  • Two Enhanced AD&D Benefit Options
  • Renewable to Age 70

Voluntary Short-Term Disability

Wage Protector Voluntary Short-Term Disability provides a weekly benefit for non-work related accidents or illnesses for employees not currently collecting disability benefits who are regularly working for the employer at least twenty-four (24) hours/week.

  • Individual and Group Plans available (Group Plan requires proposal based on group demographics)
  • Benefit periods of 13, 26, 52, and 104 weeks
  • Elimination Periods of 7/7, 0/7, 14/14, 0/14, 30/30, 0/30 for injuries/illnesses
  • Occupation Classes 1-4
  • Renewable to Age 70 (issuable to Age 69)
  • Spouse Coverage available with Individual Plan
  • Simplified Issue - no medical examination, blood profiles, or other medical requirements
  • Options for New Employer Groups include Takeover and Guaranteed Issue upon approval