Leaders Lifestyle Family of Voluntary Insurance Products

Oklahoma Voluntary Worksite Benefits

Leaders Life is quickly becoming the carrier of choice for Employers and Associations and is expanding throughout the South and Midwest. We offer a competitive portfolio of voluntary insurance products including individual Term Life to age 100 plans (with and without Critical Illness Benefits), Individual Short-Term Disability Income, Basic and Voluntary Group Term Life & AD&D, and our newest plan, Voluntary Group Accident.

These plans are also available to the employee’s spouse, children and grandchildren, without the employee participating which is why Leaders Life is one of the top carriers in the market for Dependent Coverage!

Individual Term Insurance to Age 100 Plans

  • LIFESTYLE with Critical Illness
    • Guaranteed level premium to age 100 1
    • o 30% critical illness feature that can accelerate the life benefit paid upon diagnosis of one of 5 major health conditions 2:
      • heart attack
      • cardiac bypass surgery
      • stroke
      • life-threatening cancer,


        terminal condition with a life expectancy of 24 months or less
        (Premium reduced by 30% and waived for one year after qualified benefit is paid.)

  • LIFECARE with Chronic Condition Benefit 3
    • Guaranteed level premium to age 100 1.
    • Pays the owner 60% of the coverage amount in either twelve (12) monthly installments or one lump sum as an accelerated benefit for insureds who
      • Have a chronic condition and are unable to perform at least two Activities of Daily Living (Bathing, Dressing, Toileting, Eating, Transferring, Continence) as certified by a Licensed Health Care Provider 2.


      • Require substantial supervision due to permanent severe cognitive impairment and similar forms of dementia 2

  • LIFETIME Individual Term to Age 100
    • Guaranteed level premium to age 100 1.
    • Term to Age 100 Life Insurance Only

  • Term Insurance to Age 100 Underwriting
    • Contingent Guaranteed Issue (CGI): Two simple medical questions may qualify an employee for $100,000 in coverage on initial offering. CGI also applies to spouse and children at reduced levels. Amounts over $100,000, late enrollees, and applicants answering “Yes” to medical questions will be underwritten on a simple issue basis. New hires must apply for CGI coverage within 90 days from their date of eligibility (eligibility date determined by employer).
    • Participation Requirements for CGI:
      • Up to 50 Eligible Employees            5 Employee Applications
      • 50 or greater Eligible Employees     10% of Employee Census

  • 1 Death benefit is guaranteed for the first 10 years. Afterwards, the policy provides a non-guaranteed death benefit enhancement to purchase one-year term additions designed to maintain level death benefits to age 100.

  • 2 Refer to policy for conditions and limitations that apply.

  • 3 Chronic Condition Benefit is also available as a lump sum payment. Terminal Illness lump sum benefit of 60% of the coverage amount included at no cost. Chronic Condition and Terminal Illness Benefit provided under Lifecare Accelerated Death Benefit Rider. Overall maximum benefit payable is 60% of coverage amount.

Individual Short-term Disability Income

Lifestyle Wage Protector (Off-the-Job)

  • Four Industry Class Codes
  • 13, 26, 52 and 104 Benefit Periods
  • 0/7, 7/7, 0/14, 14/14, 0/30 and 30/30 elimination periods
  • Monthly Benefit up to 60% of salary (Min $300; Max $6,500)
  • 12/12 pre-existing waiting period
  • Underwriting: Simplified Issue, Takeover with Pre-Ex Credit and Guaranteed issue
  • Spousal coverage

Group Accident

Lifestyle Secure Voluntary Group Accident

  • 24 hour and Off-the-Job
  • Four Individual Basic Plan options
  • Additional Benefit Rider
  • Enhanced AD&D Benefit Options

Group Term Life and AD&D

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Lifestyle Basic Group Life and AD&D

  • Employers and Associations
  • Up to $30,000 in Life and/or AD&D
  • Minimum group size 25 employees

Lifestyle Voluntary Group Life and AD&D

  • Coverage amounts from $10,000 to $300,000
  • Guarantee Issue amounts from $10,000 to $100,000
  • 50% coverage for spouse, $10,000 for children
  • 5 Year age bands
  • Dual Life Option with Individual Term to 100 plans