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Tulsa Individual and Group Insurance Benefits

To request a group life quote, please contact us and include census information including age or DOB, sex, current carrier, current rate, renewal rate, effective date and claim information for the past two (2) years when possible.

Leaders Life is quickly becoming the carrier of choice for Employers and Associations and is expanding throughout the South and Midwest. We offer a unique portfolio of life products including competitive Level Term plans to age 100 and Executive Level Plans (with and without Accelerated Benefits), Short-Term Disability Income, and our newest plans, Basic and Voluntary Group Term Life & AD&D.


The Lifestyle Security Plus Plan (Lifestyle)

In 1989 Leaders Life led the way with our flagship product, The Lifestyle Security Plus Plan (Lifestyle) which was developed to address the shortcomings of the employer and association paid and voluntary group life insurance plans. Because it is an individual plan, it provides a post-retirement benefit of up to $150,000 that is beyond most group life plans that end up reducing coverage amounts at age 65, when employees or members need the coverage most. Lifestyle offers a guaranteed level premium to age 100 and maintains a level death benefit to age 100 based on current factors. Lifestyle includes a 30% Accelerated Benefit paid upon diagnosis of a major heart attack, stroke, life-threatening cancer, cardiac bypass surgery, or any terminal condition with a life expectancy of less than two years. This enhances a group or individual health plan, by providing needed funds to important financial decisions such as paying deductable and co-payments, choosing an out of network provider, or simply making their mortgage payment.

The Lifetime Security Plus Plan (Lifetime)

For employers and associations that currently provide critical illness coverage, The Lifetime Security Plus Plan (Lifetime) offers the same features as Lifestyle, but without the Accelerated Benefit feature. This allows them to purchase a greater benefit for the dollar. Like Lifestyle, Lifetime is a simplified issue plan with no medical underwriting requirements. Both plans are fully portable at original purchased rate after leaving. The plan is also made available to the employee’s spouse, children and grandchildren, without the employee participating which is why Leaders Life is one of the top carriers in the market for Dependent Coverage!

Executive Level Plans

Executive Level Plan is available to any employee/member and their spouse when Group Life and the Family Protection simply don’t provided enough coverage to meet an individual’s specific needs. These plans offer Lifestyle or Lifetime coverage with benefit amounts from $200,000 to $2,500,000. These plans are fully underwritten with standard underwriting requirements. Underwriting classes include Standard Non-Cigarette users and Cigarette users.

Wage Protector Individual Short-Term Disability Income (Wage Protector)

Wage Protector Individual Short-Term Disability Income (Wage Protector) has become our fastest selling product of voluntary benefits offered to employees and members. The plan offers individual benefit for non-occupational accidents or illnesses for the employee/member and their spouse with 24 available benefit options (coverage periods of 13, 26, 52 or 104 weeks and 0/7, 7/7, 0/14, 14/14, 0/30 or 30/30 day elimination periods.) Premiums are based on four industry rate classes that afford coverage to all industry classes. Benefit amounts can be purchased up to 60% of your current monthly wage ranging from a minimum of $300 to a maximum of $6,500 monthly benefit. Other features include: pre-ex benefit, waiver of premium and illness elimination period waiver at first day of hospitalization. New policies have a 12/12 pre-existing benefit waiting period. However if you are moving an existing plan to Leaders Life, a Pre Ex Credit is available to all members who are covered under the prior plan at time of enrollment. Guarantee Issue is also available for larger employers or associations.

Lifestyle Basic Group Life

Lifestyle Basic Group Life – Competitive employer or association paid Group Life and/or AD&D insurance can be quoted on a case-by-case basis. The plan offers a maximum of $25,000 in life and AD&D coverage for a minimum group size of 10 employees or members.

Lifestyle Voluntary Group Life

Lifestyle Voluntary Group Life can be used as an Employee or Member Buy-up Option or quoted separately without the employer/association paid Group Life and/or AD&D. Rates are age banded in 5 year increments. Attractive Guarantee Issue limits are available and vary based on a minimum group size of two or more employees or members. A Dual Life Option using the Lifestyle or Lifetime Plans and Voluntary Group Life offers a great option for coverage’s that provide more affordable coverage during employment that can be reduced at retirement, maximizing the amount of affordable coverage they can keep. Giving employees and association members a choice when it comes to voluntary life insurance is one of the richest benefits employers and associations can offer.